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Birth, Postpartum & Placenta Services for NYC and Northern New Jersey

You're entering an unforgettable, precious period in your life. During pregnancy and the postpartum period, a mother's physical and emotional needs are diverse and as unique as she is. We provide luxury services to mothers and their partners during labor and the postpartum period.


We offer services spanning the perinatal period, from birth doula support to postpartum services ranging from placenta encapsulation to belly binding to lactation support, postnatal fitness, and overnight postpartum doula care. The level of support you receive during this transformative time in your life will have a profound impact on how you view yourself and your relationships with your child and partner for the rest of your life. We are honored to empower women through this transition in their lives with comprehensive, tailored care, and to witness the birth of the next generation, the family unit, and the mother.




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