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An estimated 80% of moms develop the "Baby Blues" in the first two weeks following birth, making everyday tasks difficult and caring for an infant exhausting. A woman experiences the greatest hormonal shift of her life in the days following birth: coping with this drastic hormonal change all while caring for an infant and losing sleep is often a challenging time in the postpartum period.

Ease this transition with the benefits of placenta encapsulation.  Enjoy heightened energy, a fuller milk supply, less bleeding and pain, increased iron absorption, a constant flow of the 'love hormone,' and more. After all, you put nine months of hard, baby-growing work in- it's time to reward yourself with some pampering! Researching and understanding what the placenta can do for your postpartum period can really impact your babymoon. Please visit the FAQ page for more information about the encapsulation process, safe handling of the placenta, and 
which method of encapsulation (Raw or Steamed) is right for you.

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