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Vaginal herbal steam baths, referred to as chai yok in Korean or Bajos (pronounced ba-hoes) in the Mexican culture, have many health benefits and restorative qualities and offer superb self-care. These steam baths nurture a women’s most sacred area. The steam brings heat to the womb, encourages and maintains healthy fertility, helps to relieve painful menstruation, uterine fibroids, uterine adhesions, cysts, internal and external scar tissue, uterine weakness and nerve damage. It restores the suppleness to the outer vagina while cleansing the womb.


Herbs are added to the steam water to lend their properties to the process. The steam draws the herbal remedies into the very vascular tissues of the vagina and directly into the blood stream, allowing for immediate healing to begin. As a service, I come into your home for a consultation to ensure that v-steams are the right option for you and I show you how to create a set up for a vaginal steam session, which you can then repeat at your leisure.


V-Steams should not be done if you have any vaginal bleeding (from your period or birth), if you are pregnant, or if you have an IUD birth control. We use herbs that are very safe and that you may find commonly in your kitchen. You can consult with an herbalist to obtain specialized herbs for use in your vaginal steam. 

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