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I am extremely grateful to Meredith for supporting me and my husband through our son's birth.  Despite having a high risk pregnancy and being induced (using pitocin, not part of our birth plan), with Meredith's guidance we were able to have the natural/drug-free birth we had hoped and planned for. 


She is a great communicator and extremely intuitive - as just one example, she guided my husband in assisting throughout my labor and was able to sense moments where he wanted more or different involvement and addressed his needs accordingly while seemlessly continuing to support me.     


Our OB also loved working with her and, as a testament to her strength, asked for her contact information to pass along to other patients.

Meredith surpassed every expectation we had for our doula.  If you choose to work with her you will not be disappointed!


Meredith was our doula for our first born and was AMAZING from start to finish.  From the moment I let her know I was in labor, I knew I was in excellent hands.  She was the perfect match for my husband and I and helped us both feel relaxed from the start.  She came to our home and was able to intuitively know what kind of support my husband and I needed.  She knew when to take charge and when to allow us to have private, more intimate moments as a family.  I felt very strongly about having a natural childbirth and did not anticipate BEGGING to be transferred to the hospital for an epidural.  Meredith knew just what to say to me.  


She was not only a source of support for me but was also very important for my husband who couldn't have imagined supporting me without her there.  I strongly recommend Meredith to any woman no matter what their birth plans are. 


 Our experience working with Meredith was extremely positive.  From the prenatal visits through labor and delivery and postpartum, Meredith was friendly, professional, accessible, and knowledgable. She was an amazing support to both of us during labor, helping me cope both mentally and physically with the extreme pain of contractions, overwhelming exhaustion, interfacing with the doctors and nurses, advocating on our behalf, helping us to avoid unwanted interventions, keeping me hydrated and off the fluid drip that would have kept me from moving and drinking fluids the way I wanted and needed to, reassuring my husband and giving him someone to talk to about what was happening and how he could best support me in the midst of the insanity and confusion that is labor.


I really can't say enough positive things. Having Meredith as our doula was one of the best decisions we made - we both couldn't stop talking afterward about how we couldn't have carried through with the natural birth if she hadn't been there.

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